A collection of the most needed tools for your paleo kitchen


Quickly turns zucchini or other vegetables into mounds of paleo “pasta.” Low carb noodle alternative just needs a quick saute and topping of your choice. ** NEW ELECTRIC OPTION! **

Cast iron pan

Silicone cover on handle helps to prevent burns

Stainless 3qt sauce pan

Non-reactive stainless steel, great for sauces and sides

Slow cooker

For making bone broth, soups, stews, certain meat dishes

Conical strainer

For straining broths, sauces, homemade ghee, etc.

Vita-Mix blender

professional quality – perfect for demanding, high-volume jobs

Instant pot/pressure cooker

Automatic pressure cooker and slow cooker combo, great for bone broth!

Glass food storage containers

Glass won’t leach harmful chemicals into your food, and is easier to clean. Plus it looks better!

Bacon pan

Stainless steel pan perfect for oven-cooking large quantities of bacon.


  • “How do I make those zucchini noodles everyone’s talking about?”
  • “What’s best for preparing large amounts of bacon?”
  • “Is there a faster way to make bone broth?”
  • “I tried making nut butter and it killed my blender.”

As the author of “Paleo for Restaurants” I’m sometimes asked where to get certain more specialized equipment mentioned in the book. Paleo cooking is generally pretty basic and doesn’t require much out of the ordinary, but there are few things that will make your job easier. I created this one-stop resource so you can quickly find everything you need. I do earn a small commission on anything you purchase, and I appreciate your support.