Stocking your paleo pantry

Coconut oil in pails for high volume use
Coconut oil in 16 oz glass jars
pastured pork lard
Ghee – grass-fed, organic, cultured


Organic coconut flour

Almond flour, blanched

Coconut Aminos

great substitute for soy sauce, contains no wheat or soy

Natural Value coconut milk

No added ingredients, BPA-free cans

Organic coconut butter









  • “How do I make those zucchini noodles everyone’s talking about?”
  • “What’s best for preparing large amounts of bacon?”
  • “Is there a faster way to make bone broth?”
  • “I tried making nut butter and it killed my blender.”

As the author of “Paleo for Restaurants” I’m sometimes asked where to get certain more specialized equipment mentioned in the book. Paleo cooking is generally pretty basic and doesn’t require much out of the ordinary, but there are few things that will make your job easier. I created this one-stop resource so you can quickly find everything you need. I do earn a small commission on anything you purchase, and I appreciate your support.